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To help you perform accurate hearing tests on child patients, e3 Diagnostics offers multiple visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA) and conditioned orientation response (COR) systems.

When kids are too young to participate in conventional hearing tests, a VRA audiology system can help. Using LED lights, motion, and sounds, a VRA hearing test draws the child's attention, helping you get a better picture of their ability to hear. Using a COR system or VRA system, audiologists get the child's attention using toys, animated images, light sequences, or noises.

Flex VRA

Flex VRA

Flex VRA is the first wireless visual reinforcement audiometry system of it's kind to combine toy, animal and cartoon video stimulation into one system. The intuitive remote control provides the audiologist complete control of every aspect of the test including:

  • Type of video to display
  • Animated light bar on/off
  • Volume adjustment and mute
  • Activate all monitors at once (localization)
  • Distract mode for use during OAE and Tympanometry testing
  • Video Skip/Repeat



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  • Stimulus Options: Audiologists can choose from cartoon, animal and toy (with or without animated lights) as well as your own user-uploaded VRA content.
  • ALL and DISTRACT Mode: Hold down the "ALL" button to activate all monitors simultaneously to localize your patient. Press the distract button to activate the video and keep it on for holding the attention of your patient during tympanometry and OAE testing.
  • Volume and Video Control: From the remote, you can customize the volume level for your patient (louder for those with a known hearing loss) or mute as needed. You can also skip or repeat videos as well.